Put Pinterest To Work For Your #Business With These 3 Updates

Are you using Pinterest for your business? If you list a Pinterest account on your website then you are. Even if Pinterest is not the main focus of your social media strategy, take the time to make these 3 quick updates, so your Pinterest account can work for you.

Before we dive into those three tips, here is the top tip to keep in mind when approaching Pinterest…Pinterest is used more of a search engine than a mere social media channel. Pinterest being more of a search engine plays a role in your name, profile description, board descriptions all the way down to your individual pins. Keywords are your friends when it comes to all your content & profile fields.

#1. Board (s) Dedicated to Your Product and/or Content

I’m shocked at how many websites list a Pinterest account but you can’t find a single content item or product from their business on their account. What are you using your account for then, and why is it listed on your business website?

Make a board for your blog posts and/or products. If you have both blog posts and products consider making two separate boards. You can now have shop boards, so if you have a product seriously why miss out on the chance for someone to hit buy!!

Make these boards the very first boards on your profile. You can easily drag and drop boards to reorder them in desktop mode.

Make a complete detailed description for your new content/product boards. “Blog Posts From XYX” or “Jewelry From XYZ”, does not cut it as a complete description. Think about what someone would search for and find on your boards.

Once you have your own board (s) set-up, make sure to populate them. Don’t worry about pinning too many pins at once (smart feed prevents it from flooding followers’ feeds).

You can utilize Tailwind for free up to 100 pins, so you don’t have an excuse not to keep your content updated :). Also, make sure to put in complete descriptions for your pins.

#2. Update Your Profile Name

I’m sure you just read that and said duh Mariah, I have my name on my profile. And, I’m saying, you can do better!! You need to add your title or business keyword to your business name, yep add it into your name field (not your username that should be the same handle as your other profiles if possible), Your Business Name Field…

Change Your Business Name To Include Keywords Under Profile
The reason for this change is to goes back to Pinterest as a search engine, the business name field pulls when people use the search function and then go to the People tab. Here is an example of when you search “copywriter”. It’s a bit hard to tell but all the top profiles pulled have “Copywriter” in the business name field.

Search Results For Copywriters On Pinterest

#3. Update Your Profile Description

Make sure your profile description tells what you are offering for your business, and make sure it includes keywords for what someone would search for when looking for your business. It also needs to give people a reason not only to follow you, but also to grab people’s attention to click through and check out your website….which in reality is one of the main reason’s you use social media. RIGHT?!!? 🙂

Here are three profiles that are excellent examples of Pinterest profiles done right:

example-1-pinterest-profile example-2-pinterest-profile

Keep in mind when crafting your profile description that you are limited to 160 characters. It may take a few tries to stay within that limit.

The Steps

#1. Create board(s) to house your content and/or products.

  • Fill in description using keywords of what your board is about.
  • Fill up the board with pins of your content or products. Make sure to write good pin descriptions.
  • Make this your first board on your account.
  • Continue to add new content or products.

#2. Update Your Profile Name

#3. Update Your Profile Description

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