3 Facts About Business Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

I’m going to let you in on a big secret when it comes to your business operations. One that a lot of entrepreneurs waste time worrying about, spend too much time procrastinating and researching and it has very little impact in the grand scheme of business operations. Ready?


They aren’t a magic wand, and a tool will not get you magically more organized. It’s just a part of getting systems and processes established in your business.

Tools can act as game changers in your business, or stumbling blocks. When approaching tools for your business please know:

There is no perfect tool

Don’t over research it and don’t wait for the perfect tool to come along. The best you can do is invest smartly and get that tool into action. You can always change and honestly as your business evolves your tools most likely need to change too, so just pick one and dive-in.

Stop waiting for the perfect tool and the perfect time to implement it (newsflash perfect doesn’t exist). Pick the tool you *think* you need and start using it, that’s the perfect way to find out if a tool will work for you.

The right tool is the one you will use

You do need to train yourself to use tools; you have to make them part of your routines and processes.

However, if you HATE that tool, it’s going to make using it that much harder, so if you love a tool, stick with what you like. You don’t need to change just because everyone is talking about the next “it” tool.

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Look for tools that cut out steps

When investing in tools look for tools that will work together to help you be more efficient.

And don’t overcomplicate your systems with too many tools. Sometimes it is worth investing in one tool that does it all instead of trying to piece together 5 different tools to do the same job.

When upgrading your tools, look for ones that integrate with tools you are already using in your business. Don’t invest in a tool that doesn’t work with your other systems.

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