Work on Your Entrepreneurial Mindset With These 10 Podcasts

Mindset is hard for me. I don’t easily get into woo-woo practices or manifesting, certain practices just don’t click for me. I want practices based in science, with data and studies and whitepapers. Of course, I might write this and 6 months from now totally change my mind and start buying crystals or doing a moon ritual. 🙂 I’m open-minded and I’m always willing to try something new, because who knows, it might work.

Despite not being able to get on board with certain mindset practices, I do believe that mindset is an important part of growing your own business, especially as a solopreneur. You are basically in your own head 24/7. Your skills, your ideas, your clients, your business, your stress, your money, your life…when you own your own business, it’s ALL dependent upon you. Mindset is what allows you to take the knocks and get back up. When you face failure you keep going, and you figure out what does work.

Mindset is something I think as a solopreneur you should work on just like your writing skills, or speaking skills.  For me, podcasts are such a great, easy way to learn. I’ve rounded up 10 mindset episodes to get you thinking more about your mindset.

HBR: The Right Mindset For Success (18 minutes)

This episode is an interview with Carol Dweck the author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. It covers what is a fixed versus growth mindset, and what to watch for to avoid slipping into a fixed mindset. A fixed mindset can creep in at any time.

The Science of Success: Fixed Versus Growth Mindset (26 minutes)

If you want to know why working on mindset is so important to you and your business, this is the podcast for you. After listening to this episode I realized I have less of a growth mindset than I originally thought. Great episode to learn why you need to work on mindset and you might realize you are a little more fixed than you thought.

The link above is to the podcast episode but you can search it in itunes as well (it’s #27 on the list once you go to The Science of Success).

The Charged Life with Brendon Burchard: Developing A Growth Mindset (10 minutes)

My favorite quote from this was “today is not a good predictor of tomorrow”. This episode addresses your habits when it comes to embracing the struggle/challenges.

The Standing O Show Episode 16: Affirmations Are Mind Nutrition Mindset Monday (6 minutes)

This is a nice short lesson on using affirmations as part of your daily practice, and how to write affirmations that fit you.

After The Jump Episode #83: Overcoming Fear (30 minutes)

I encourage you to listen to the Science of Success episode first. The two episodes connect in an interesting way, highlighting why it can’t be all about winning. This episode focuses on what to do about fear.  I loved the suggestion of rejection therapy (training you to get use to no) and the use of vision boarding.

The Chalene Show: A Story of Self Sabotage|We’ve All Done It (21 minutes)

This episode shows why it is important to get comfortable in the mindset of success and if you don’t have that mindset you might be derailing yourself. Fear and being uncomfortable can manifest itself in many different ways, and sometimes reaching your goals can bring up a lot of fears you don’t even expect.

Creative Empire Podcast Episode 13: Living with Intention, Learning from Fear, Katie Selvidge of Cottage Hill Magazine (38 minutes)

This episode is a bit less directly related to mindset, but I like to think about mindset as being intentional–being intentional with your time and energy. Finding what works for you.

The Lucky Bitch: How to Change Your Thoughts About Money (8 minutes) and Woo Woo & Spiritual Money Practices To Try (7 minutes)

The Lucky Bitch has many episodes related to money blocks and thought around money, these are podcasts but she also does them as videos too. These two episodes I picked because one focuses on letting go of fear with money (and past mistakes) and the other touches on woo woo practices (but not TOO woo woo) 🙂 .

The Lively Show Episode #143: Change Negative Thought Patterns & Understand The Ego with Brooke Castillo (50 minutes)

This one digs into how our thoughts can create our feelings which impacts our actions. If you find yourself saying you are too busy, this is the episode for you. I like how they recommend embracing the feeling, and not faking that you don’t have certain feelings.

Being Boss Episode #79: The Chalkboard Method (41 minutes)

Some may say this is not a mindset episode and it’s not specifically focused on mindset, but it’s about setting goals/intentions/manifesting. I see this as a nice concrete method to keep you focused on your goals (which is mindset). I personally connect to more concrete practices related to mindset.

Here are a few tips for listening to podcasts:

  • Listen at a higher speed like 1 or 1.5 speed. Some speakers are faster than others, so you may have to play with it. On the iphone do this by playing the podcast, and then expanding it up, so just tap on the play band at the bottom.
  • Have a few podcasts saved and downloaded so that you can listen on a walk or anywhere else that might not be wifi accessible.
  • Carry headphones for these times 🙂
  • Have a notebook handy, or pause and take a voice memo, or type a note on your phone, for those really good tidbits of information.
  • Most of the time any resources mentioned will be available on the podcast webpage.


Do you have a favorite podcast episode that has helped you work on your mindset?

One of my favorite ways to work on mindset is reading, you can see what I’ve been reading HERE.