The #1 Thing You Need To Know About Reaching Your Business Goals #entrepreneur #businesstips #startingabusiness #bloomhustlegrow

The #1 thing you have to do to reach your business goals is, to have a clear plan for reaching those goals and showing up consistently day to day with a strategy that backs up those goals.

Establish your goal and map it out

The first step is establishing the goal.

Let’s say it is to make $50,000 in sales this year. First off you need to know what you are going to sale and how many would you need to sell of each to reach $50,000.

Who are you going to sell that X number of XYZ to? How are you going to reach them? What channels are you using? What content are you putting out, on what topics? How do those topics relate to what you are selling? How often are you promoting? What happens to that client once the sale is made? What’s the next steps for another sale? These are all questions that should be considered, plus more when you are planning out the steps to reach that $50,000 goal.

The better your plan and the better you have your path mapped out the more likely you are to be successful.

Goals aren’t easy, and we get discouraged, defeated, and without a plan, we are more easily distracted or likely to give up. We aren’t likely to be consistent in our marketing, we aren’t likely to find new opportunities to keep or capture clients, we don’t learn from our mistakes or we can’t even identify what we did right so we can repeat it.

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Follow that plan and show up every day

The plan is the first step and the second step is figuring out what you need to keep yourself on track with that plan.

Once you have that plan in place, you have to do the work. You have to show up every day and follow the plan you laid out. This is hard, and as a solopreneur it can be that much harder because you lack external accountability.

For some people, self-motivation can be a major stumbling block to success. And it has nothing to do with being lazy or lack of ambition or even lack of motivation, it comes down to fear and your brain f*cking with you. It causes you to get stuck, to overthink, to obsess and can make it nearly impossible to be productive and follow the plan because you get frozen.

The source or level accountability needed to keep you on track is different for everyone. I would be described by every former boss I have EVER had as a self-starter.

I literally had a boss at one point say, “is there not a computer game or something on your computer you could just play,” after I had reorganized the whole office, implemented a new CRM system, and printed and filed mailers for the new six months as some tasks I had come up with to keep me busy.

But when starting my own business there are some weeks where I could barely get a blog post published and social media out, because I would get scared and let self-doubt and all kinds of other distractions in. My point is to find what works for you, but don’t feel bad about needing that extra support to keep you motivated, it doesn’t mean you aren’t a go getter.

Find the help you need

The formula seems pretty simple goal + plans + work = success, but as business owners, we know it’s way more complicated than that. Each day you face new challenges and have to learn new things. I do strongly believe if you have a passion for the skill/industry/talent you are providing then you can figure out how to be successful. You just have to keep showing up and you need to find help along the way.

With the 3- Month Masterplan we’ll identify your business goals and work together to develop a detailed action plan to move you towards your goals.

Bottom line is we work together to get clear on the goals you want for your business and move full steam ahead, no more excuses, no more second guessing, no more going it alone. We work on the plan, the accountability, and the structure of your business so it’s all supporting you and your goals.

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